Welcome! I'm Daniela Rogoza

"I'm a designer, but…"

This is how I start most of my presentations because I feel that what I studied ages ago has defined my professional life. But. 
I'm a designer but I'm a chameleon. This sector has change so much that I've been able to test almos every water.
I'm a clasically trained visual designer, turned interaction designer, turned UX designer, turned strategic designer. Currently, I work as a lead learning experience designer at La Nave Nodriza, while I help the UN Environment Programme for Latin America to incorporate adequate design practice and human centered design in their processes.
In the past I've done design consultancy at BCG and worked as design manager at Eventbrite, and also developed many many projects for Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA, Comisiones Obreras or small startups, with a strong focus on social empowerment.
I also coordinate and design, along amazing colleagues, the teaching UX Design Training Programme (with two courses, one for Strategic Design and another specialized in Interaction Design) at La Nave Nodriza. And I'm open to freelance projects.
Contact me at che@danielarogoza.com